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A Warm Welcome from MPX

Since 1987, we have been providing temporary mobile CT / MR trailers to hospitals and diagnostic centers all over the country.

You won’t find a better partner for a CT / MR rental. You will be in good hands with us – and we are happy to walk you through our entire rental process. From planning to delivery, we are here to make certain that your leased CT / MR scanner works as well as, if not better than, your current one.

Mr. Rich Dishman and Mr. Phil Young started MPX in 1987 as a CT / MR replacement parts and X-Ray tube business. While developing this market we noticed a need by hospitals and clinics for quality temporary diagnostic imaging coverage as older equipment was upgraded or for special projects. We acted on this opportunity by building our first mobile CAT scan trailer for a hospital client in 1989.

The response was so positive that we soon were expanding our inventory of mobile CT scan machines to meet demand. Since then, we have provided services all over the US and even into Canada. We have moved with changes in the technology to continue to offer high-quality mobile CAT scan rentals for our clients. With over 25 years of service we are proud to be a leading provider of mobile CAT scan machines to the medical community.

A Mobile CT or MR from MPX is your winning solution.

Mobile CT / MR Scanner Rental Services

MPX Sales and Service rents mobile CT / MR systems to clients all over the US. Whether you need a  CT Scanner for a week or a year, we are happy to help you plan your project. We will match you with the right equipment for your job at a price that you will find is most competitive.

All of our mobile multislice CT scanners are XR-29 compliant and network compatible. When you rent mobile CT Scanners from MPX, we will be there with professional support for everything from planning the delivery to the final patient scan.

A Mobile CT / MR Trailer from MPX will ensure that your project will be a complete success!

Mobile CT:

  • GE VCT 64 with ASIR
  • Phillips Brilliance 64
  • GE Lightspeed 16
  • Siemens 64
  • Toshiba 64

Mobile MRI:

  • GE 1.5T 11X, 12X, 15X and 23X

Why Do I Need a Mobile CT / MR rental?

If your facility is:

  • Upgrading existing equipment
  • Performing facility renovations
  • Needing additional coverage to keep up with patient overflow
  • Having emergency downtime

Then a Mobile CT / MR Trailer from MPX is your winning solution!

Reference List

Carla C. Paul-Nagy
Project Manager, Construction Services / University Hospitals
730 SOM Center Road – Suite 300
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
Mobile:  216.310.9069
Office:  440.662.6947

Ronald Joe Knuutila, BS, CRA, MR, RT
Radiology Director
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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(334) 670-5369-fax

Larry Winkler – Director, Clinical Diagnostic Services
Spectrum Health Pennock Radiology Services
1009 West Green St.
Hastings, MI  49058
(269)945-1212 x 1407


The first step in planning a mobile CT / MR scanner rental project is to assess your specific project needs. Knowing the model of CT scanner currently in use tells us what the best fit for your rental would be. We will also determine if an option to extend is required.


Once your project needs are clarified, we can discuss the logistics issues pertaining to physically placing a unit at your facility. We will make sure your staff understands the electrical specifications, access to power connections, and parking lot requirements well in advance of the arrival of the mobile.


With the support of your IT manager we will set up the equipment to communicate with your hospital network. Also, each unit comes equipped with an on board injector and is XR-29 compliant.


MPX will communicate a complete itinerary relating to the arrival of the mobile CT / MR scanner. If applications training is needed an experienced trainer will be scheduled and will contact you directly in advance of delivery.


The trailer will be positioned per your instructions then the driver will level the unit, deploy patient lift, expandable sides, and walkup stairs, and turn over the keys to a hospital representative. Shortly after a stable power connection has been made to your building a qualified field engineer will begin quality assurance procedures to confirm that the mobile made the trip to your site safely. Calibrations will be performed to make sure the equipment is operating to OEM specifications. Our engineer will meet with your IT manager and together they will test send images via the network to a remote location. We want to confirm good network connectivity before you scan your first patient. Our engineer will give an overview of the mobile CT / MR to a client representative before leaving the site.



  • system currently in use
  • system newly acquired (if applicable)

Lease Term

  • Estimated length of rental
  • Will option to extend be needed?


Review of power requirements
Parking issues

  • pad or no pad
  • level space available?
  • length of power cord required for connection
  • confirm access for truck / trailer delivery


Network Interface
IT facility contact information

  • completion of information request form prior to delivery
  • MPX to supply Contrast Injector? (client option)
  • if yes, syringe replacement information


Schedule applications training (if needed)
Confirm date and time of physical delivery


1. Physical Delivery / Driver will

  • Park unit per client instruction
  • level trailer, deploy patient lift, expandable sides, and walkup stairs
  • Turn over keys to the client

2. Client will

  • Make power connection between mobile and facility unless other arrangements are made
  • Confirm that power is phased correctly and address if needed.

3. Quality Assurance / Our Field Engineer will

  • Confirm that the mobile traveled safely to the client
  • Run calibrations on the equipment to confirm that it is ready to be turned over for use by the client
  • Meet with the client’s IT representative so that connectivity for the network can be confirmed and test images sent
  • Instruct a facility representative on the prep procedures to be done at the end of the lease but prior to pick up of the mobile system


If I don't have an actual pad for a mobile can I still park one at my facility?

Yes, you can park a mobile unit on asphalt. We simply have to reinforce at the landing points with plywood or a steel plate so no damage occurs to your parking areas.

What if the type of CT we currently use is not available for lease?

MPX will always strive to provide you with a CT at least as good if not better than the one currently in use. In the event that a direct replacement for your current CT is not available we will provide applications training to your staff to make sure they are confident and comfortable using the mobile CT.

Do we have to use the CT injector that comes with the mobile?

No, if your staff would rather use their CT injector they are welcome to do so as long as it is mounted on a rolling pedestal. We provide injectors for the convenience of our clients. Their use is not mandatory.

How do I determine where I need to position the mobile to reach my shore power connection?

Using our system diagrams as a guide, measure from the point the power cord comes out of the trailer to the desired point of connection. We will supply the proper length of power cord based on this information. (An additional charge may apply for power connections that require more than 25 feet.)

How far in advance do I need to secure a mobile CT scanner rental to make sure it is available for my project?

If you have located a mobile system that meets your needs it is best to secure it via contract as soon as you have an idea of your start date. The availability of systems changes quickly and by executing a contract you guarantee coverage when you want it.

Does billing begin at delivery?

Billing does not begin until the first day of scanning as defined by contract. We routinely deliver two days before the first scanning day. You are never billed during start up.

What if the mobile CT is needed beyond the term of the lease?

We want you to be able to use the mobile CT scanner as long as you need it. If the unit you are using does not have a contractual obligation at the end of your lease term you are welcome to extend coverage. Billing would be done on a pro rata basis.

What do I do if I am having a problem with the CT scanner or the trailer?

You will be provided a list of 24/7 call numbers upon delivery. At the first sign of a problem please call. Service will be provided via phone support and/or on-site support depending on the specifics of the service event.

How do I make sure we have good connectivity between the mobile CT and our in-house network?

Our field engineer will input network data provided by your IT specialist and on the day of delivery will meet your IT person and conduct a test send of images. If images can be read remotely we know that it is working properly.

Are there any “hidden costs” with a mobile CT rental?

The only costs out of pocket that you may encounter beyond those defined in the contract are the cost of consumables such as replacement syringes for the injector.

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