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If I don't have an actual pad for a mobile can I still park one at my facility?
Yes, you can park a mobile unit on asphalt. We simply have to reinforce at the landing points with plywood or a steel plate so no damage occurs to your parking areas.

How far in advance do I need to secure a mobile CT scanner rental to make sure it is available for my project?

If you have located a mobile system that meets your needs it is best to secure it via contract as soon as you have an idea of your start date. The availability of systems changes quickly and by executing a contract you guarantee coverage when you want it.

How do I determine where I need to position the mobile to reach my shore power connection?

Using our system diagrams as a guide, measure from the point the power cord comes out of the trailer to the desired point of connection. We will supply the proper length of power cord based on this information. (An additional charge may apply for power connections that require more than 25 feet.)

What if the type of CT we currently use is not available for lease?
MPX will always strive to provide you with a CT at least as good if not better than the one currently in use. In the event that a direct replacement for your current CT is not available we will provide applications training to your staff to make sure they are confident and comfortable using the mobile CT.

Do we have to use the CT injector that comes with the mobile?
No, if your staff would rather use their CT injector they are welcome to do so as long as it is mounted on a rolling pedestal. We provide injectors for the convenience of our clients. Their use is not mandatory.

Does billing begin at delivery?
Billing does not begin until the first day of scanning as defined by contract. We routinely deliver two days before the first scanning day. You are never billed during start up.

What if the mobile CT is needed beyond the term of the lease?

We want you to be able to use the mobile CT scanner rental as long as you need it. If the unit you are using does not have a contractual obligation at the end of your lease term you are welcome to extend coverage. Billing would be done on a pro rata basis.

How do I make sure we have good connectivity between the mobile CT and our in-house network?
Our field engineer will input network data provided by your IT specialist and on the day of delivery will meet your IT person and conduct a test send of images. If images can be read remotely we know that it is working properly.

What do I do if I am having a problem with the CT scanner or the trailer?
You will be provided a list of 24/7 call numbers upon delivery. At the first sign of a problem please call. Service will be provided via phone support and/or on-site support depending on the specifics of the service event.

Are there any “hidden costs” with a mobile CT rental?

The only costs out of pocket that you may encounter beyond those defined in the contract are the cost of consumables. Such as replacement syringes for the injector.

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