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CT Scanner Power Requirements


Receptacle Voltage 480 VAC, 3-phase, 3-wire
(nominal) ungrounded Delta with case to earth ground or Wye (Star) with case to earth Ground.
Maximum allowable 455 to 520 daily line voltage variations
KVA dedicated power 150 KVA

(Note: nothing else is to be
connected to this circuit.)

Supply circuit breaker 150 Amps or fuses
Line voltage balance All lines within 2% of lowest line voltage
Frequency 60 Hertz " .5 Hertz
Configuration Wire Designations: 480 VAC, 3 Phase 60 Hz, 3 Wire, + Ground
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Russell Stoll Plug: DS2504MP
Russell Stoll Receptacle: DF2504FRAB

Installation of Portable CT Machine to Existing Power Distribution Transformer:
For installation of a portable CT machine at a facility where the mobile unit will be furnished electrical power from an existing hospital power distribution panel which also supplies the power to other X-Ray equipment, etc., the mobile CT scanner unit must be provided power through a dedicated branch circuit having no less than 150 KVA available power.

The main incoming power transformer is recommended to be a minimum of 500 KVA, when other loads are supplied power in addition to the mobile CT scanner unit from the same transformer. If this is not possible with the existing system, then a separate transformer must be installed as outlined below for a dedicated hospital power distribution transformer.

Installation of Portable CT Machine to Dedicated Power Distribution Transformer:
For installation of a portable CT machine where the facility power distribution transformer will feed only the CT scanner system, the minimum recommended transformer for CT scanner power requirements is 150 KVA. This oversized transformer will provide better than 2% regulation for the momentary X-Ray load as well as adequate capacity for the computer subsystem load.

Special Notes on CT Scanner Power Requirements:

  1. The mobile CT scanner unit must not be powered in a multiple installation where the other x-ray equipment is used with rapid film changers. These changers utilize a large number of high powered, closely spaced exposures which may coincide with a CT scan.

  2. All specifications apply to measurements at the receptacle pins. Line voltage drops from the facility mains to the receptacle must be included in all power calculations.

  3. Instantaneous fluctuations in the line voltage caused by loads other than this mobile CT scanner unit must not exceed " 5%, have a duration in excess of 5 cycles, and frequency of their occurrence must not be more than ten times per hour.

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