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About MPX

Mr. Rich Dishman and Mr. Phil Young started MPX in 1987 as a CT replacement parts and X-Ray tube business. While developing this market we noticed a need by hospitals and clinics for quality temporary diagnostic imaging coverage as older equipment was upgraded or for special projects. We acted on this opportunity by building our first mobile CAT scan trailer for a hospital client in 1989.

The response was so positive that we soon were expanding our inventory of portable CAT scan machines to meet demand. Since then, we have provided services all over the US and even into Canada. We have moved with changes in the technology to continue to offer high-quality mobile CAT scan rentals for our clients. With over 25 years of service we are proud to be a leading provider of portable CAT scan machines to the medical community.


"MPX went above and beyond to provide us with great equipment and excellent service.  They were very professional and responsive to all of our needs and made us feel like the only customer they had.”

-Mr.Larkin Kennedy/CEO/
Baptist Memorial Hospital

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